Why Pumpkin Seeds Are the Best Part of Your Pumpkin!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds. Ahhh, good memories of these precious seeds. As a kid, we (my Dad) would carve the pumpkin, clean up the seeds and roast them. They are a favorite of mine. I have bought them in a package before (where they look almost white??) eeeew. Doesn’t taste anything like the real deal! These are exquisite. A delicacy 😉 – They are chock full of health benefits! Over the years I have told friends and neighbors to give me the stuff they scoop out of their pumpkins and throw away. 😩 – No one has ever taken me up on this! I am so serious! I will buy a pumpkin just for the seeds!

I can still remember my Dad roasting pumpkin seeds. It was such a treat!! In addition to being a fabulous tasting snack they are full of health benefits!

How to roast pumpkin seeds:

It’s quick and easy to roast pumpkin seeds. If you’re carving your pumpkin you are already scooping all the pulp and seeds out of it, just toss that into a bowl – then go through and pull out as much of the pulp as you can, leaving just the seeds.

Rinse the seeds then drop into a colander to drain. Spread out a clean dishtowel and cover with some paper towels. Spread the seeds out on the towel/paper towels. Pat dry with more paper towels, they may stick a bit but they come right off (the dried your seeds are the crispier they will be, and you want them to be crispy!)

In another bowl swirl some olive oil then drop in the dried seeds. Spread them on an oiled cookie sheet – sprinkle with sea salt or kosher salt.

Roast at 325℉ for 20-30 minutes or until they look done. ENJOY!

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