Vegetarian Bean Soup!

Vegetarian Bean Soup

I love this time of year, when there is a chill (vs. humidity) in the air. I also love to make soup – a nice pot that can be heated up when the mood strikes. Bean soup is amazing, the only problem I have with it (other than the flavoring packet), is that I don’t care for hammy tasting bean soup – “smoked” isn’t a flavor I adore. So I found a recipe that didn’t have ham, a ham bone or a ham hock (omg). I guess I am not a good “meat” person. I grew up with a Mom who washed 🐓 chicken with rubber gloves on, ha ha… So meat is creepy to me. I can eat it, I can cook it, I just try to limit how much I have to “deal” with it, ha ha.

✨Now you know something about me that precious few know, ha ha!✨

I first tried this recipe, cooking 2 slices of bacon – then pulling the bacon out and using the drippings to sauté the onion and garlic. It was excellent. I absolutely loved it! Then I made a pot of soup for someone who is limited on salt, etc. So I just used olive oil. Interesting. It was delicious! I did not miss the bacon! Woohoo!

One thing that most recipes agree on is to THROW AWAY THE SEASONING PACKET that comes with the 15 bean soup. Read the ingredients… enough said.

It’s best if you can soak the beans overnight in cool water. I add a good bit of water above the beans and let them soak IN THE FRIDGE overnight.

The rest of the recipe goes quickly once you chop the onion, mince the garlic, chop the carrots and celery, open the can of diced tomatoes, measure out the cumin, oregano, paprika, cayenne pepper, pepper, salt and parsley and measure the  interesting ingredient… apple cider vinegar!

The ONLY thing I changed, is that I used olive oil vs. coconut oil, and I didn’t have fresh parsley. OUTSTANDING! I found this recipe on, click HERE to print the recipe via the BudgetBytes website! While you’re there, see what else they have to offer!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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