Cranberry-Orange Oat Muffins by America’s Test Kitchen!

Cranberry-Orange Oat Muffins by America’s Test Kitchen


I would give this recipe for Cranberry-Orange Oat Muffins by America’s Test Kitchen five stars – EASILY! #toogoodtobetrue

Of course there are many versions of Cranberry Orange muffins but this recipe reigns supreme! For me it’s the addition of oat flour, I think it adds a comforting flavor to this recipe. The orange zest zips it over the top. I like the fact that I can use frozen cranberries (easily accessible) – they’re pretty easy to chop as well! Pumpkin seeds add a nice healthy element, as well as a wonderful cRuNcH. I baked a batch of these muffins and froze many individually. I love to be able to pop a muffin out of the freezer to send with Fred to work!

America’s Test Kitchen recipes and reviews are fabulous! Have you watched the show? It’s a favorite! The recipes require a subscription, but they are so worth it. You can sign up for a free trial – so remember that! This recipe is worth it alone!

They also do fabulous product reviews and test different ingredients to determine the best! All so interesting.

Had a little muffin with my cranberry lemon water – what fun I had! Use cranberries like ice cubes, along with one tiny cube in a double walled glass that keeps things cool. #lifeisgood #linksabove

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