Historic Charleston, South Carolina!

Historic Charleston, SC

This looks like a view from another country, far, far away. But I took this right here in Charleston. This city is rich in history.

I took this photo from a parking garage (they have the best views ever!) – what a joy to have to park on the top level and see amazing views on my way down. #winwin

Charleston is a special place, if you’ve never been, definitely add it to your list if you like art, history and food – good food!

PS, the “HISTORIC Charleston, South Carolina” blip that I added to the image was to cover something that wasn’t so historic. A dish. 🙄

Catch you back here tomorrow!




One thought on “Historic Charleston, South Carolina!

  1. “a dish” – was wondering what was goin’ on until I read on.
    I stroll in Charleston’s little alleys, nooks & crannies; luv every inch of our town.
    And, someday expect to stumble upon you, Fred & Charlie!
    I hope, I hope.


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