Featured Artist: David Cheifetz!

David Cheifetz | ArtFoodHome.com

Fat of the Land by David Cheifetz  –  12 x 24″ Oil on Panel

I love orange! Look at how that orange just makes this painting stand at attention! The entire painting has so much interest, from the light and shadows to the unique background. I love the combination of realistic and abstract. That bit of orange that follows to the vase – STUNNING! David’s paintings are unique – be sure to check them out!

Read a bit about David, from RS Hanna Gallery website:

David Cheifetz (pronounced “chay-fits” or “high-fits”) was born in the Pacific Northwest in 1981. A former architect, David started learning to paint with oils in the fall of 2007 while attending the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, and in 2009 made the transition to full-time artist. David currently lives in Palo Alto, CA with his wife, Yasmine.

Images via DavidCheifetz.com, used with permission…

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Charlie in charge…

Charlie | ArtFoodHome.com

Hey! I’m Charlie! Giving the human the day off… sharing a few of my favorite things with you… she’ll be back tomorrow!

I love grabbing the humans socks… gets them all riled up. They chase me around and eventually I end up with a treat (carrot or frozen green bean). It’s taken several years, but I think I have them trained…

Charlie on his way downtown

I love to feel the wind in my hair! Someone is always threatening to make me wear Doggles!

Charlie in the sprinkler!

I love a good sprinkler! There is nothing better than passing a house with a sprinkler while on my morning walk! I dive right in, get soaking wet, ahhh, it makes me smile! Also love when the humans water the grass – they laugh at me!

charlie favorite things

Hee, hee… have I got her trained or what? She makes my healthy treats look fancy (well, sometimes)… two of my favorites: Pumpkin and whole grain pasta. She’s a little stingy with the pasta, but I’ll take what I can get!

Charlie | ArtFoodHome.com

Friend or foe? I’m not really sure. They come and visit (or torture?) me by sitting on the windowsill!


Of course! What do you expect? I am a dog, hee hee…

SURPRISE CHARLIE! It’s me! The human… and you thought I forgot… Happy 6th Birthday!! xxoxoxoxoxox, love us!

Charlie IS 6!








You have me for the weekend! Woohoo!

Charlie | ArtFoodHome.com

Lucky you! You have me as the guest blogger for the weekend! Tomorrow is a special day… tomorrow, I’m going to share a few of my favorite things with you!

Hee hee! I know you can’t wait! Have a great Saturday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

The human one will be back on Monday! She made me write that…  CHARLIE!

Featured Artist: Ralf Feyl!

Painting by Ralf Feyl

Painting by Ralf Feyl

Ralf Feyl. I have been in a conundrum trying to select a few paintings… Truly, Ralf’s paintings are so good that I want to show you every single one, but thankfully you can click on the link at the beginning of this post to be directed to his website where you can peruse to your heart’s content!

Ralf’s water is captivating. It’s like sitting on the back side of Monhegan watching the waves crash against the rocks. There is something spiritual about this. I could sit there all day long, lost in thought… the sound of the ocean is so peaceful! So are Ralf’s paintings!

Painting by Ralf Feyl

Painting by Ralf Feyl

I think the graceful lines of the boat against the abstract background is just beautiful. There is a sereneness to this painting.

Lovely! You’ve got to check out Ralf’s website… Stunning work!

Read a bit about Ralf, from his website:
First generation German roots and a midwestern upbringing provided Ralf Feyl with a strong foundation and sharp instincts. Born in Chicago in 1970, Ralf was immersed in the world of hand work, his father being a master carpenter and his mother, a seamstress and tailor. Observing his parents’ crafts, Ralf became attuned to detail, delicacy, and design. At the American Academy in Chicago, Ralf studied with the beloved and respected Bill Parks. He then traveled east to study in Connecticut at the Lyme Academy and became deeply inspired by the mysterious borderlands of the coastal area and the people who inhabit it. Once in New England, Ralf found the influence and stimulation he needed. In 1992 Jeff Cooley of the Cooley Gallery offered Ralf his first exhibit, where he has been represented ever since. Ralf has over twenty solo exhibitions to his credit, and his work is found in hundreds of private and corporate collections across the globe, including Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt; Boeing, Chicago; Swedish Trade Council, Stockholm; and Pfizer Inc., New York. Ralf Feyl resides in Maine where he continues to paint. At times elusive and at times familiar, Ralf creates a plurality of feelings that keeps the viewer engaged and curious.

All images via RalfFeyl.com, used with permission…

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House Plan: 222 Greensboro Place by Our Town Plans!

222 Greensboro Place by Our Town Plans

222 Greensboro Place by Our Town Plans

222 Greensboro Place by Our Town Plans. This plan is 1,563 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

I love the screened porch on the side of the house! Think of all the wonderful times that could be spent on that wonderful porch!

Click HERE to see some great (real!) interior images!

222 Greensboro Place by Our Town Plans

222 Greensboro Place by Our Town Plans

This is such a great plan! You walk in off the front porch into the Sitting Room (Living space), and in that room is a real masonry fireplace! There is nothing like a real fire!

The kitchen is located in the back of the house. Efficient in design, making every square foot count. Just look at the counter space, woohoo! There is a Master Bedroom downstairs, as well as washer/dryer and a powder room.

222 Greensboro Place by Our Town Plans

222 Greensboro Place by Our Town Plans

Upstairs is one generous size bedroom, bathroom and plenty of storage! Perfect!

All images via OurTownPlans.com, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Phil Starke!

Phil Starke | ArtFoodHome.com

Christmas at the Farm by Phil Starke
16×18″ Oil

Phil Starke. Look at the incredible light hitting this painting! I love the stone fireplace. I like the composition of this painting… by having the view come from below looking up at the house is cool – it adds interest! It’s different. I love different!

A winter painting in summer? Yep! Ever hear of Christmas in July? With the temps in Charleston, SC right now (well, it is summer!) looking at a painting to cool off is rather appealing!

Phil has a blog (Between the Palette Scrapings – great title!) that is full of wonderful information, I highly suggest it! Check out his website for workshop information, videos, books, etc.!

Read a bit about Phil, from his website:

Phil Starke began to show an interest in art from the time he lived in Germany as a young boy while his father was in the military.  He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.  Inspired by the instructors at the Academy, Starke changed course from his aim at the advertising world and developed a passion for oil painting.  It was upon graduation from the American Academy of Art that he decided to plunge into the profession of fine art.

From the Midwest, West and Southwest, Phil has continued to be inspired.  Each season and each region has its own color palette and unique landscape.  From landscape to figures, and plein-air to studio painting Phil continues to find inspiration in his work.

Choosing to share this passion and inspire others, Phil also teaches workshops, helping others develop their own individual talent.

All images via PhilStarke.com, used with permission…

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Garage/Guest House Plan: G0063 by Allison Ramsey Architect!

Garage/Guest G0063 by Allison Ramsey Architect

Garage/Guest G0063 by Allison Ramsey Architect

Garage and Guest Cottage G0063 by Allison Ramsey Architects. The garage is 357 square feet, and the guest cottage is 363 square feet with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Perfect for guests, or if you live where you can also rent, this is a perfect small cottage apartment isn’t it? I love the lines of this Guest Cottage!

Garage/Guest G0063 by Allison Ramsey Architect

Garage/Guest G0063 by Allison Ramsey Architect

This garage plan also has a carport on the side, which comes in very handy, especially if you live where there are a lot of trees! Keeps your car much cleaner! The steps to the upstairs are located on the outside, back of the garage, not in view, which is nice!

Garage/Guest G0063 by Allison Ramsey Architect

Garage/Guest G0063 by Allison Ramsey Architect

This little guest cottage plan has it all! A nice size bedroom, a Living/Kitchen area, as well as a Bathroom and a… Tada… BALCONY! I love this plan!

All images via Allison Ramsey Architect, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Dreama Tolle Perry!

Dreama Tolle Perry | ArtFoodHome.com

Dreama Tolle Perry. Wonderful flowers. Beautiful colors – Dreama’s paintings make you feel good, don’t they? Dreama excels at colorful paintings with such nice soft brush strokes!

Interested in a workshop? Dreama has many scheduled! Check it out! Dreama’s website is full of info for artists and collectors alike!

Dreama Tolle Perry Paintings | ArtFoodHome.com

A sampling of paintings by Dreama!

Read a bit about Dreama, from her website:

I’m Dreama.  I’m an artist and writer.

A thinker and child of the 70’s, now in my 50’s, living into the teens—2015 and beyond, that is.  (According to this kind of math, I am getting younger by the minute.)

Named by my grandmother. Self-taught in art.

Lover of books.  Lover of color.

 Guilty of wearing purple eye shadow…and carrying a purple phone with my purple wallet in a ….you guessed it, purple handbag.

I grew up with both a brother and father who painted.

I traveled far via books checked out from the local library, 12 at a time, every week of every long Kentucky summer of my youth.

I dreamed, I imagined, I waited.

I was 30 before I picked up a brush.  50 before I began writing. To read more, click HERE.

Are you interested in taking a workshop? Dreama has many scheduled throughout 2015-2016, check out the workshop schedule!

Images via DreamaTollePerry.com, used with permission…

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Another charming home in Charleston, SC!


Beautiful homes in Charleston, SC… there are many, but this is one of my favorites.  It’s the porch… how inviting is that? I would like to be on it right now!

Charleston has no shortage of stunning homes full of charm and plenty of character!

I have been signing off with “Catch you back here tomorrow”, but now I am considering something different… Have a second? Take the poll! It’s only a click!

Charleston Photo… stunning architecture!


Stunning architecture! You just don’t see buildings built like this anymore. This building has withstood the test of time!

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