Baker & Brewer – Charleston, SC!

Baker & Brewer | Charleston, SC

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No mountains in Charleston…

A quick snap of my phone the other day. The sun, some dark clouds, and blue sky. Quite the mix. It was as if nature didn’t know if it should be summer/winter – dry or rain! I love that dark cloud line that looks like low mountains on the horizon – no mountains here, just a swath of dark clouds!

I love weather and appreciate whatever it is outside (well, I may whine if it’s hot and humid – hee).

Enjoy your Saturday!


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Autumn in Wiscasset, Maine!

I looked back through my photos to find an autumn photo… this one is from 2009 and is a photo driving back from Rockland towards Wiscasset, Maine. Wiscasset is the prettiest little town. It has so much to offer, galleries, restaurants, antique stores, all kinds of good stuff!

You may have heard of Red’s Eats also located in Wiscasset, supposedly they have good lobster rolls. They must have something good, there is always a line! Enjoy your first day of Autumn, I am THRILLED that summer is behind us. Winter in Charleston, SC is pretty darn nice and I’m thrilled it’ll be here in another 3 or 4 months, ha ha… Enjoy your fall!

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Featured Artist… Robert Lange!

“There Are No Words” by Robert Lange

Image: Robert Lange Studios Facebook

It takes the brain a few seconds to realize this is a painting and not a photograph. Amazing isn’t it? This painting entitled “There Are No Words” is by local Charleston, SC artist, Robert Lange. Robert and his wife Megan own Robert Lange Studios, a very nice gallery located in the hustle and bustle of downtown Charleston, SC. Those of you who know me know how much I love Maine. To me it’s a place I cannot get out of my system, same for my husband. The very first time we visited it was actually heartbreaking to leave. What?! We live in one of the coolest cities in America, and we’re heartbroken to return after spending a week on Monhegan Island and some time in Port Clyde and Rockland?! The title of this painting really caught my attention. THERE ARE NO WORDS. Very poetic. That’s just how I feel.

After 12 days in Maine, this was the first painting that Robert did. It’s amazing and I simply cannot wait to see the rest of them!

September 7th was the opening of Charles Williams’ solo show at Robert Lange Studios… stop by and check it out! The show runs through September!

Here’s a blip about Robert from his gallery website:

Born in 1980 in Colorado, Robert Lange began painting at a young age but was recognized as a mathematical prodigy and subsequently followed his gift to college. It wasn’t until his second year at Northeastern University, which he attended on a full math scholarship that he decided to follow his passion for art and transfered to Rhode Island School of Design, where he was again awarded a full scholarship but this time for his painting abilities. He was most influenced by teacher and painter Julia Jacquette, who taught him new perspectives leading him to become professional in 2003. That year he both graduated from RISD and opened his first gallery, Robert Lange Studios, in Charleston SC.

He first specialized in realist painting, particularly of people, emphasizing narrative moments. In 2010 he opened his second gallery, RLS Gallery and his work became more surreal, following into the category of hyper-realism or surrealism. His most notable bodies of work Measure (2009) and Go (2010) were nationally recognized and internationally collected. Lange has been featured in numerous magazines, including the cover of American Art Collector and Art Magazine, and in New American Paintings.

“Robert’s depiction of a heightened suburbia distances his work from the political commitment and social self-importance of most contemporary postmodern painters. Someplace between Charleston’s cobblestone streets and New York’s stark concrete living rooms, is the work of Robert Lange.” – City Paper 2008

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Charleston Restaurant… Hot Tip: Zia Taqueria!


Have you been to Zia Taqueria, on Maybank Highway, right next to the Terrace Theater (James Island) in Charleston? They have outstanding food in a relaxed atmosphere. When possible we usually eat outside, it’s so nice! On Monday’s they feature fish tacos (grilled or baja – pictured above) for only $2.50. They are TASTY! You also get a basket of chips and some to-die-for-salsa at your table. It makes for a nice relaxing day! Here’s a link to their MENU so you too can dream!

Tasty, right? I’m not even a big fish lover, but owie! THESE are good! It’s that “special sauce” that does make you drink your required amount of water for the day, an added benefit, ha ha…

On a more somber note… it’s 9/11… a day in our history when so many lost their lives September 11, 2001. Please take a moment to reflect, to think of those who’s lives were lost in such a horrible way, as well as for all those who lost their loved ones. Keep all who fought to help to save, to rebuild and to keep our country safe in the midst of such terror in your thoughts and prayers. For more, this is a great website

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Fleet Landing photo and menu… (there’s nothing like a good menu)!

I took this photo years ago when my husband and I went on a cruise with my parents. That was back when Norwegian Cruise Line departed out of Charleston. That was handy. We had a great time, caught the Little Black Taxi to the cruise terminal and were on our way for a week of rest and relaxation! When we were leaving Charleston I snapped this photo of Fleet Landing Restaurant. A great place if you’re visiting, it’s in the heart of the city, you can eat inside or out. On nice days there is nothing like eating on the water, even from inside a GREAT VIEW. Good view, friendly staff, not overly priced. Check out their menu!

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The Charleston Farmers Market starts TOMORROW! Saturday, April 7, 2012!

Yippee! Tomorrow (Saturday) starts the Charleston Farmers Market. Located in Marion Square each Saturday from 8AM – 2PM. (Image from last year). I am thrilled! The market will go on through December. There is NOTHING like fresh fruits and vegetables, gorgeous flowers, tasty treats, and all kinds of artistic finds… we are so fortunate to have such a fabulous farmers market!

Last year we were listed as having the fifth best farmers market in the NATION! Whoa! Here’s a blip from the Charleston Arts website:

CFM11 Poster Image


April 7 – December 23, 2012
Marion Square, Downtown Charleston

The Charleston Farmers Market is available each Saturday from 8am-2pm in the beautiful Marion Square, between King and Meeting Streets at the edge of Calhoun Street in the Upper King Street Design District. The park at Marion Square has long been the center of festive activities and is the perfect tranquil setting for the Farmers Market. Nestled beneath beautiful trees with plenty of room for families to gather and children to play, the Farmers Market comes to life each Saturday morning and offers an abundance of the freshest local produce, shrimp, plants, herbs and cut flowers. While strolling the Charleston Farmers Market, a delicious breakfast, brunch or lunches are available while listening to a variety of live entertainment. The Farmers Market also offers an amazing assortment of juried arts and crafts, providing the best selection and most talented local artisans.

Catch you back here tomorrow! Maybe I’ll see you at the Farmers Market?